Aspen Manor Motel Ideally Situated In Hamilton For The School Holidays

During the school holidays, there is always a need to find activities to occupy and entertain the family.

“A walk around Hamilton Gardens is a great way to get some sun, exercise and learn a thing or two about the floral world,” says Grace Tong who is the owner of Aspen Manor Motel in Grey St, Hamilton.

With over 21 different attractions at the nearby Hamilton Gardens, it can take more than a day to see everything.

The “Paradise collection” is the long standing centre piece of the Hamilton Gardens, the Indian Char Bagh garden, Italian Renaissance garden, Japanese garden of contemplation, Chinese scholars garden, English flower garden and the Modernist garden.

All of these gardens, as you can tell are based on different garden styles from around the world. The Chinese scholars garden, Indian Char Bagh garden, Italian Renaissance garden and the Modernist garden all boast impressive views of the Waikato River.

The Japanese garden of contemplation and the English flower garden are both incredibly serene and great places to spend time enjoying the sights and sounds.

The “Productive collection” hosts the Te Parapara garden which takes visitors on a walk through what a traditional Maori garden may have looked like and tells the story of the Ngati Wairere tribe, the landing of the Tainui waka and demonstrates the expansive plantations that were described by Europeans in the 1840’s.

The “Productive collection” also includes the Herb garden, the Kitchen garden and the Sustainable Backyard. The Herb and Kitchen gardens both demonstrate edible plants and teaches visitors the expansive variety of different edible plants while the sustainable backyard looks at the future by demonstrating sustainable principles.

The “Fantasy collection” is the latest addition to the Hamilton Gardens vast array of themed gardens. It includes the Tudor garden, Tropical garden, Chinoiserie garden, Concept garden and the yet to be completed Fantasy collection garden.

The Tudor garden is a step back in time to the 16th century and is based on drawings by the Didymus Mountain which is the pseudonym for Thomas Hill, a 16th century writer.

The Tropical garden offers visitors a taste of lush, colourful and dense tropical jungles. Building a garden like this in Hamilton where winter frosts can reduce the temperature to -6 Celsius, for this reason the staff at the gardens have strategically placed plants and irrigation in this garden to avoid the effects of frosts.

The Chinoiserie garden offers visitors an 18th century lesson in Eastern influence on the Western world. Chinese and Japanese art of this era was so popular with Western Europe that it started an art crazy that was eventually named Chinoiserie.

The Concept garden is another look to the future, this time with a far more modernist and simple design. But it was based off two traditional Whakatauki or Maori proverbs.

With all these incredible gardens to visit, keep in mind there is more.

There is Rogers Rose Garden, Hammond Camellia Garden, Rhododendron Lawn and the Victorian Flower Garden which are all stop offs during walks through the Bussaco Woodland, Echo Bank Bush and the Valley Walk.

Grace advises guests: “By all means, plan your trip ahead. There is more to see than you can imagine so it may take a two or three night stay at the Aspen Manor Motel before you can see it all”.

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